• By Albert Depew

Our Vision: A cornerstone in the community, serving its citizens through exemplary professionals.

Our Mission: The employees of the Carson City Sheriff's Office are committed to providing public safety services to the community while adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards.  We are dedicated to building mutual trust and respect within our community intended to enhance the quality of life in Carson City.

About Us

Carson City Sheriff's Office is comprised of many divisions. The most basic philosophy of this agency is to be an active participant in the community. What this means to you is that we are driven to keep you informed about your home, neighborhood, work, and everything that is taking place around you in Carson City.New About Us Links Manager

Sheriff's Office Priorities

While all law enforcement agencies prioritize their calls for service, the Sheriff’s Administrations embraces other priorities as well. These include the reduction of crime by proactively targeting gang activities and the illegal use and/or possession of controlled substances. Other major areas of concern are the safety of our children in the school environments, through the School Resource Officer program, safe streets/accident reduction through Traffic Management, and the impact the mental health crisis has on the community. All Sheriff’s programs are designed with  components of education, prevention, and ultimately enforcement.

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