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Administration banner Office is located at 911 E. Musser St., Carson City, NV 89701, phone number is 775-887-2500
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The duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff are outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes, and so to is his authority to form the Administration of the Office. The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining a Civil Division, Search and Rescue, and Detention facility. The Sheriff’s Office not only performs all of the duties and responsibilities outlined, but it also performs all of the public safety functions of any defined local police department.

The Sheriff is elected to office at 4-year intervals and sworn into office in January, following the election. It is the Sheriff’s authority, derived from the Carson City Charter, Chapter 213, as approved by the Nevada State Legislature, to appoint an administrative staff of up to six employees (Chapter 213, paragraph 2.330) to fulfill his functions.

The Undersheriff is appointed by the Sheriff. The Undersheriff oversees all the operational and administrative functions of the Sheriff’s Office and acts with the full authority of the Sheriff as directed.

Assistant Sheriff, Operations is appointed by the Sheriff and is responsible for all defined “police” functions within a community. These include Patrol, Traffic, Detectives, Lab, and Evidence Vault. Additional responsibilities include the functions of SWAT, Gang Unit, Special Enforcement, K-9, Reserves.

Assistant Sheriff, Administration, is appointed by the Sheriff. The Assistant Sheriff oversees those activities most directly associated with a Sheriff’s Office. These include the Detention Division, Communications/Dispatch, Civil and Records, Volunteers In Police Service units, Chaplains Program, and RSVP volunteers.  NRS 248.050 requires this functional assignment to be filled.

 Chief, Administrative Affairs, is appointed by the Sheriff and is the department’s point of contact for the state regulatory agency Peace Officers Standards and Training. The Chief is responsible for overseeing the careers of every employee of the Sheriff’s Office, from recruitment to retirement.

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Sheriff's Office Administration

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