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Business Office operations include: accounts payable, grant application and management, payroll and time keeping management, budget inception and management supply and inventory control commissary fund management, and financial coordination with auxiliary units.

The Cason City Sheriff’s Office Operates on a budget exceeding $19 million dollars annually. This budget encompasses  salaries, benefits, supplies and operation expenses. The business office has two full time employees and one part time employee.

The Business Office, staffed by two employees, manages all funds at the disposal of the Sheriff.  The process begins each year with preparation of the budget, identification and justification of needs, and allocation of those funds throughout the year.  Salaries and benefits account for approximately 90% of the overall budget.

In addition to the basic budget allocation, the Business Office is responsible for maintenance of state and federal grants, routinely utilized to augment operations and facilitate equipment needs in all divisions of the department. These grants include Homeland Security, Office of Traffic Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance, and others.  The office oversees the application of grants, monitors compliance, and submits financial reports as required by the appropriate agency.

Other responsibilities of the Business Office staff include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, supply and inventory control, and Detention Division bail and commissary functions.

Contact information for venders and business related matters should always begin by contacting the appropriate city entity. The Business Office welcomes venders inquiries regarding the basic supplies, however, contractual issues always begin with the Purchasing and Contracts, a division of the Finance Department.