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The Carson City Dispatch Center is dedicated to providing the most rapid, efficient, and appropriate response to any public service need arising in the community. Be assured, that in most emergencies, help is on the way while the operator is still receiving information from you.

The Carson City Public Safety Emergency Communications Center is a division of the Sheriff’s Office, and includes the Public Safety Answering Point (911 answering point) and Dispatch functions. While the center is the focal point of emergency service requests for Sheriff, Fire, and Medical responses, it is also responsible for coordinating the non-emergency responses and the activities of most other city entities such as Public Works, Alternative Sentencing, Code Enforcement, and many others.

The center is the only 24-hour staffed communications center in the community. Therefore, most of the challenges managed by Carson City’s Departments begin at the Communications Center. In an “on-going” emergency, calling 911 is the most efficient and rapid reporting mechanism. If the emergency condition is past, such as the incident happened sometime in the past but is not currently taking place, the appropriate reporting mechanism is to dial 887-COPS for law enforcement, and 887-FIRE for Fire/Medical support. With your assistance, minimizing 911 emergency calls allows operators to prioritize effectively, manage critical resources, and deliver efficient services to our community.

At a minimum, the Communications Center is staffed with highly trained and certified operators assigned to law enforcement, Fire/Medical, and a supervising function. Each call is managed by an established computer aided protocol that is designed to provide the most rapid, appropriate, and managed care available to the community. Therefore, it is vitally important that when reporting a circumstance, the caller remain calm, directly answer the questions and follow the instructions of the operator. With your assistance, the on-going and continuous health, welfare, and safety of the community is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions:
When is burn season?

Typically open burn season is during month of October for the fall and for the spring is April. To see if the season is open check or call Carson City Fire Department at (775) 887-2210.


What can we do about barking dogs when Nevada Humane Society is closed?
Deputies attempt to contact homeowners. If no one is home a tag notifying the homeowner of the noise complaint will be left. It is up to you to follow up with a complaint the next business day with the Nevada Humane Society.

What should I do when I find a stray dog?
Call Nevada Humane Society at (775) 887-2171.  If it is after hours you can keep the dog and call NHS the next day during business hours. Nevada Humane Society does not pick up strays after hours nor does the Sheriff's Office. 

Who do I call when there is a bear in my yard?
Contact Nevada Division of Wildlife at (775) 688-1506.

What can I do about an abandoned vehicle left on my property?
The Sheriff's Office does not have jurisdiction on private property. It is up to the homeowner to contact the towing agency of their choice to have a vehicle removed.

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