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The Investigations Division of the Sheriff’s Office holds the responsibility of investigating crimes that warrant further investigation beyond the initial report taken by the Patrol Division. Nature of crimes investigated range from simple petit larcenies to violent crimes against persons to homicide. The Detective unit maintains a steady case load of approximately 80 to 100 cases.

The Division consists of the Captain, Management Detective Badge
Assistant, Detective Unit, Coroner and Crime Lab as well
as the Evidence Coordinator. A Specialized
Enforcement Team (S.E.T.), also within the division, is
tasked with crimes related to illegal drug substances
and gang related crimes.  

Other duties of the division include maintaining an active list of all Sex Offenders registered in Carson City. This list is monitored for offender compliance and community notifications are made as required by law. Sex Offender Records may be accessed through the Nevada Sex Offender Registry Website: The division is the liaison for all pawn shop transactions and ensures that all reporting requirements are met. Furthermore, the division conducts background investigations for liquor licenses and all applicants for the Sheriff’s Office

The Investigations Division conducts talks and seminars with community organizations providing information on crime prevention and ways to protect yourself from fraud. These seminars are designed to keep the community informed on the current and types of frauds and ways to be safe. 

Investigations Division Case Assignment Procedures

Cases that are not solved by the Patrol Division are evaluated by the Investigations Division Captain. Case solvability is determined by the existence of investigational leads. These leads must indicate the potential for successful arrest and conviction. Since manning resources are limited, it is not effective or practical to devote investigational resources to cases with little chance of a successful resolution.

Common examples of investigational leads include whether a suspect is identified by a victim, existence of physical evidence, or other substantial information which may lead to the identity of a suspect. If sufficient investigational leads do not exist, the case will be suspended. If new information develops in the future, a case can be reopened and assigned to a detective.

Contact us at:

  • Division Captain:  (775) 283-7850
  • Administrative Assistant: (775) 283-7851