• By Albert Depew

The entirety of this team focuses resources applied to combat gang activities in the region, street drug use, mid-level drug distribution networks, and major Federal Task Force enforcement opportunities. The unit also provides public education, prevention, and demonstrations upon request for narcotics and gang related subject matters.

Characterized as a “go anywhere anytime unit”, the staff assigned to Special Enforcement have been assigned to protective dignitary details, rapid support to neighboring counties on critical incidents, long range surveillances, under-cover operations, divisional support to major crimes, reading to elementary classes, high school presentations, and lateral agency training. Each member assigned to the team is an advanced specialist in gang activities, illegal and abused narcotics, operations development and execution, surveillance and pursuit details, high risk dwelling and structural entry, and intelligence operations. The unit has extensive experience operationally with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security (including Immigration), U.S. Marshall’s Service, and numerous Western States law enforcement agencies.

Incredibly, the Special Enforcement Team concept and the individual members of the team contribute the greatest impact toward the reduction of crime in the community, and the broader region, through the targeting of known offenders and the gathering of criminal information for the arrest of suspects involved in a wide variety of criminal activities.

If you see a crime call the line - Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.