• By Albert Depew

Historically, the K-9 program in Carson City was provided through generous donations received to support the program. Today, while donations continue to come in for the dogs’ health and welfare, the Sheriff has moved the program into the Capital Budget arena, where it rests in the annual budget obligation. While K-9 units are staffed on each shift and within the Special Enforcement narcotics team, at present, a K-9 unit is only available on-duty approximately 80% of the time. Therefore, all of the K-9 teams are equipped and capable of responding to any incident around the clock, as needed.

The K-9 Unit in Carson City is among the most valued resources within the department, receiving the highest value of care by local veterinarians and training that is the most intense in the department. They are commonly seen at local schools, in businesses, and patrolling throughout the community. To request the assistance of a K-9 team, or schedule a demonstration for your business or community organization, please contact the Sheriff’s Operations Patrol Division Commander at 775-887-7885.

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