• By Albert Depew

Currently, the Sheriff's Office does not staff a full-time Traffic Enforcement Unit, however the administration has incorporated a “Traffic Management” approach throughout the department. Functionally attached to the Patrol Operations Division, the “Goal” of the program is to prevent a single loss of life due to traffic related circumstances in the community. We believe that by reducing the number and severity of accidents, we can reduce the overall likelihood of a fatality occurring. Therefore, to accomplish this goal, the team of five motor officers, enhanced by the remainder of the division, implements a two-fold program of “Traffic Enforcement” and “Traffic Education”.

Traffic educational opportunities are achieved by informing the public of hazards in the community through our local media outlets, the regular use of DUI Checkpoint activities, VIPS (volunteers) placement of radar units and informal notice to offenders, and traffic offense warnings issued by the entire patrol division. Traffic enforcement opportunities include DUI arrests, traffic citations issued, special event operations such as targeted area enforcement, crosswalk/pedestrian enforcement, “Joining Forces”, and Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws. Volunteers within the department also commit to parking problems, VIN Inspections, and abandoned vehicle removals. The Sheriff’s Office traffic hotline for leaving messages of traffic or vehicle related issues is 775-283-7882, or contact the communications center at 775-887-COPS (2677).