2019 LIMB & LEAF PICKUP: Due to the overwhelming response to this year's program, pickups will continue into next week until completed. No new requests are being taken at this time. Thank you for helping us keep our city clean!
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Sheriff's OfficeSheriff(775) 887-2500
Chaney, JoshDetectiveSheriff(775) 283-7853
Daniels, SharonChief-Administrative AffairsSheriff(775) 283-7805
Esparza, NadiaVALE Program CoordinatorSheriff(775) 283-7837
Furlong, KenSheriffSheriff(775) 283-7800
Hatley, SamDetectiveSheriff(775) 283-7852
Humphrey, BrianCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7850
Martin, ElizabethAdministrative AssistantSheriff(775) 283-7851
Mracek, KarinCommunications ManagerSheriff(775) 283-7930
Neep, BeckieAdministrative AssistantSheriff(775) 283-7806
Olson, SteveDetectiveSheriff(775) 283-7856
Primka, JimCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7840
Rhines, RuthSenior Deputy CoronerSheriff(775) 283-7863
Rivera, ChrisDetectiveSheriff(775) 283-7855
Sandage, KenUndersheriffSheriff(775) 283-7802
Tucker, MorganDetectiveSheriff(775) 283-7858
Tushbant, JeromeAssistant SheriffSheriff(775) 283-7804
Wall, ClayCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7885