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Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge

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Motor Officer Training Challenge

Updated on 03/04/2020 12:10 PM

The 17th Annual Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge

New Dates are September 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

 The Carson City Sheriff’s Office 17th Annual Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge is back. This year’s event will be held on September 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2020. The training event will be held at the Casino Fandango and on Carson Street in beautiful downtown Carson City. The event is open to current certified motor officers. Motor officers will be training, riding and discussing riding techniques with various motor instructors. This training event is designed to help motor officers enhance their riding skills through challenging skill patterns with camaraderie and some competition.

September 2 Dual Purpose: The first day of the event and will be training day for Dual- Purpose motorcycles only. This training is designed for any officer who rides a Dual-Purpose motor. The first day of the training will be off-road riding only. All officers who attend this training must have a department off-road motor and off-road riding experience. This training is not for first time dirt bike riders. The dual purpose riders are encouraged to stay for the rest of the training event to train and compete in the dual purpose class.

September 3- Police Bikes The training will continue at the Fandango Casino. All riders will meet in the ball room at the Fandango for registration and safety meeting at 0800 hours. After the registration and safety meeting riders will continue the training event with a presentation on non traditional training and managing stress while riding. The riders will then be released for lunch on their own and return back to the parking lot for practice for the rest of the afternoon.

September 4-Police Bikes the riders will meet in the parking lot of the Fandango for a pre road ride meeting and line up. The Officers will be ride in formation up to Virginia City (Old Historic Wild West Town) for breakfast and then continue the formation riding into Reno, North Lake Tahoe and then back to Carson City. The riders will finish the day with practice on Carson Street. Depending on time some team events may go into the evening on Friday night.

September 5-Police Bikes the training and competitiveness continues with individual events starting at 0800 hours and running into the afternoon. The officers will compete in individual timed runs on the main course. Each rider will get a chance to run the course two times and fastest time will be counted. An award banquet for the riders, families and volunteers will be held at the banquet room of the Casino Fandango beginning at 1800 hours.

 The event will also be open to advanced civilian riders Please Contact Joey Trotter with any questions (775) 291 8326.

Hotel Information:

 Carson City Marriott. 775 887 9900

   Special hotel rates are $96 use discount code Carson City Sheriff’s Office Motors



 Contact Sgt. Cullen at or  (775) 291- 8926 for any questions.

Registration for this year’s event will be $75 dollars per rider. This includes a T-shirt, Breakfast and one awards banquet ticket. If additional banquet tickets are required they will be an additional $30.00.  This will be fore spouses or other guests. Fees will be collected opening day.

Complete the Waiver of Liability form and bring with you on the event's opening day.  

 Motor Competition Rules

Motor Competition Schedule


How to Register For the Event: click here to register: MOTOR TRAINING CHALLENGE REGISTRATION