• By Albert Depew

11-03-16 Agenda with Supporting Materials

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Day:           Thursday
Date:          November 3, 2016
Time:         Beginning at 8:30 am
Location:  Community Center, Sierra Room
                   851 East William Street
                   Carson City, Nevada


1. Call to Order - Board of Supervisors

2. Roll Call

3. Invocation -
Ken Haskins, First Christian Church

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Public Comment:**

The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any topic that is relevant to, or within the authority of this public body.

6. For Possible Action: Approval of Minutes - October 6, 2016

7. For Possible Action: Adoption of Agenda

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Other Items

8. Assessor

8.A For Possible Action: To welcome discussion and direction on the removal of the Real Property Taxes and penalties for the 2016/17 fiscal year for parcel number 010-031-98 (549 Airport Rd) per NRS 361.140(1)(a) in the amount of $16,454.75. (Kimberly Adams, kadams@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Parcel number 010-031-98, is a leased parcel that was created at the request of the Carson City Public Works Department for the Nevada Humane Society (NHS). This parcel was created in February of 2016, for the 2016/17 fiscal year. An exemption application was mailed to the Nevada Humane Society on March 1, 2016. The deadline to file the exemption application for the 2016/17 fiscal year was June 15, 2016 per NRS 361.155. The Assessor's office received the application from the NHS on October 18, 2016.

9. Finance

9.A For Possible Action: To accept the report on the condition of each fund in the treasury and the statements of receipts and expenditures through October 24, 2016 per NRS 251.030 and NRS 354.290.
(Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: NRS 251.030 requires the Chief Financial Officer (for the purpose of the statute acting as the County Auditor) to report to the Board of County Commissioners (or in our case the Board of Supervisors), at each regular meeting thereof, the condition of each fund in the treasury. NRS 354.290 requires the County Auditor to report to the Board of Supervisors a statement of revenues and expenditures based on the accounts and funds as were used in the budget. A more detailed accounting is available on the City’s website – www.carson.org.

10. Public Works

10.A For Possible Action: To accept the dedication of two water line easements from Bella Lago Apartments as described in the Water Line Easement Deed Exhibit A-1 and A-2, also known as portions of APN 008-312-04. (Stephanie Hicks, shicks@carson.org)

Staff Summary: The water line easements are located at the Bella Lago Apartments east of Airport Road and south of Highway 50. In April 2016, the Planning Commission approved a Special Use Permit to allow the addition of 64 multifamily apartments within the existing 175-unit complex. Water line improvements were required to service the new units. These easements are being given to the City for the operation and maintenance of the backflow preventers and water lines that are public over and across the real property.

10.B For Possible Action: To accept the dedication of right-of-way from APN 007-101-21, also known as a portion of Longview Way located between Cogorno Way and Manhattan Drive. (Stephanie Hicks, shicks@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Empey Land Holdings, LLC (APN 007-101-21) has agreed to dedicate this right-of-way at no cost to the City. This parcel is located within the existing right-of-way on Longview Drive which is maintained by the City.

10.C For Possible Action: To approve a Change Order to Contract 1314-132B, Water Resource Recovery Facility Phase 1A Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Construction Services, to K.G. Walters Construction/Q&D Construction, a joint venture, for an amount not to exceed $445,050.00, to be funded from the Sewer Capital - Construction Fund. (David Bruketta, dbruketta@carson.org)

Staff Summary: This Change Order is to replace and install three new Archimedes Screw Pumps at the existing Headworks facility.

11. Community Development - Planning

11.A For Possible Action: To introduce, on first reading, an ordinance amending Title 10, Vehicles and Traffic, by amending a portion of Chapter 10.30, Motorcycles, Section 10.30.120, Violations, to amend provisions relating to certain motorcycle violations; and adding thereto a new chapter, 10.31 Off-Road Vehicles, All-Terrain Vehicles and Motorcycles that are not Street-Legal Motorcycles; establishing various provisions relating to off-road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles that are not street-legal motorcycles.
(Lee Plemel, lplemel@carson.org and Sheriff Ken Furlong, kfurlong@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Current Carson City Municipal Code regulates off-road two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles ("motorcycles") in their operation in proximity to houses but does not regulate four-wheel off-road vehicles. The proposed ordinance would include four-wheel off-road and other all-terrain vehicles in the regulations related to noise and other disturbances in residential areas. The current Chapter 10.30 regarding "motorcycles" has not been amended since 1978 and likely did not contemplate the use of four-wheeled off-road vehicles in residential neighborhoods.

11.B For Possible Action: To direct Planning staff to initiate a Zoning Map Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment for certain parcels in the vicinity of the Carson City Airport from Air Industrial Park (AIP), Limited Industrial (LI) and Public Community (PC) to General Industrial (GI), with certain land use restrictions on some of the parcels. This direction includes modifying the zoning of the Carson City Airport from Public Regional (PR) and Limited Industrial (LI) to only Public Regional (PR) to eliminate the split-zoning that currently exists on the parcel. (Brad Bonkowski, bbonkowski@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Pursuant to Carson City Municipal Code (CCMC), Section 18.02.075(2) (Zoning Map Amendments and Zoning Code Amendments) the Board of Supervisors may initiate amendments to Title 18 (Zoning) and to the City's official zoning district map.

12. Board of Supervisors
Non-Action Items:
Future agenda items
Status review of projects
Internal communications and administrative matters
Correspondence to the Board of Supervisors
Status reports and comments from the members of the Board
Staff comments and status report

13. Public Comment:
The public is invited at this time to comment on any matter that is not specifically included on the agenda as an action item. No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda.

14. For Possible Action: To Adjourn as the Board of Supervisors

Board of Health

15. Call to Order & Roll Call - Board of Health

16. Public Comment:**

The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any topic that is relevant to, or within the authority of this public body.

17. For Possible Action: Approval of Minutes - July 21, 2016

18. Health and Human Services

18.A For Possible Action: Proposal of the Health Officer's Report for approval, with feedback and direction from the Board discussed at the meeting incorporated.
(Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Provide an update on the Health Officer’s engagement in the department and the community. This is an opportunity to formally inform the Board of Health of the Health Officer’s role and her current projects. Feedback and direction requested from the Board regarding the Health Officer’s report concerning activities the Health Officer is engaged in both internally and externally for Carson City Health and Human Services (CCHHS).

18.B For Discussion Only: This discussion will be with Carson City organizations that have various activities or initiatives in order to address the mental health situation in Carson City. (Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org)   Late Materials

Staff Summary: This discussion will involve different organizations within the community and give them an opportunity to share their efforts surrounding mental health.

18.C For Possible Action: To approve the following 2017 Board of Health meetings in conjunction with the Board of Supervisors regular meeting days - January 5th, March 16th, May 18th, September 21st, and November 16th. (Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Staff would like to determine the 2017 Board of Health meeting dates.

19. Public Comment:**
The public is invited at this time to comment on any matter that is not specifically included on the agenda as an action item. No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda.

20. For Possible Action: To Adjourn as the Board of Health

**PUBLIC COMMENT LIMITATIONS - The Mayor and Supervisors meet at various times as different public bodies: the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board, the Carson City Redevelopment Authority, and the Carson City Board of Health. Each, as called to order, will provide at least two public comment periods in compliance with the minimum requirements of the Open Meeting Law prior to adjournment. In addition, it is Carson City’s aspirational goal to also provide for item-specific public comment as follows: In order for members of the public to participate in the public body’s consideration of an agenda item, the public is strongly encouraged to comment on an agenda item when called for by the mayor/chair during the item itself. No action may be taken on a matter raised under public comment unless the item has been specifically included on the agenda as an item upon which action may be taken. The Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and Chair, also retain discretion to only provide for the Open Meeting Law’s minimum public comment and not call for or allow additional individual-item public comment at the time of the body’s consideration of the item when: 1) it is deemed necessary by the mayor/chair to the orderly conduct of the meeting; 2) it involves an off-site non-action facility tour agenda item; or 3) it involves any person’s or entity’s due process appeal or hearing rights provided by statute or the Carson City Municipal Code.
Agenda Management Notice - Items on the agenda may be taken out of order; the public body may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; and the public body may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.
Titles of agenda items are intended to identify specific matters. If you desire detailed information concerning any subject matter itemized within this agenda, you are encouraged to call the responsible agency or the City Manager’s Office. You are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate by commenting on any agendized item.
Notice to persons with disabilities: Members of the public who are disabled and require special assistance or accommodations at the meeting are requested to notify the City Manager’s Office in writing at 201 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV, 89701, or by calling (775) 887-2100 at least 24 hours in advance.
To request a copy of the supporting materials for this meeting contact Janet Busse at jbusse@carson.org or call (775) 887-2100.
This agenda and backup information are available on the City’s website at www.carson.org/agendas and at the City Manager’s Office - City Hall, 201 N. Carson Street, Ste 2, Carson City, Nevada (775)887-2100.

This notice has been posted at the following locations:
Community Center 851 East William Street
Courthouse 885 East Musser Street
City Hall 201 North Carson Street
Carson City Library 900 North Roop Street
Community Development Permit Center 108 East Proctor Street

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