• By Albert Depew

12-15-16 Agenda with Supporting Materials

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Day:            Thursday
Date:           December 15, 2016
Time:           Beginning at 8:30 am
Location:    Community Center, Sierra Room
                    851 East William Street
                    Carson City, Nevada


1. Call to Order - Board of Supervisors

2. Roll Call

3. Invocation -
Mark Cyr, Salvation Army

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Public Comment:**

The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any topic that is relevant to, or within the authority of this public body.

6. For Possible Action: Approval of Minutes - November 17, 2016

7. For Possible Action: Adoption of Agenda

8. Special Presentations

8.A Presentation of Length of Service certificates to City employees. (Melanie Bruketta, mbruketta@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Each month the Board of Supervisors presents Length of Service certificates to employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of City service.

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Other Items

9. Carson City Airport Authority

9.A For Possible Action: Approval of the amendments to extend the Airport leases between the Carson City Airport Authority and John Mayes, Ludd Corrao Family Revocable Living Trust, Seibold/Tri-Motor, LLC and Sierra Mountain Air Park North, LLC.
(Steve Tackes, stackes@kcnvlaw.com)

Staff Summary: On November 16, 2016, the Carson City Airport Authority approved amendments to the 4 leases identified above. The Amendments negotiated with the tenants extend the term of the leases for approximately 22 years, raise the base rental rate to the appraised value, plus CPI increases going forward, and require the tenants to collectively pay $84,648.44 toward the Terminal Building renovation project expenses. Pursuant to NRS 844, real property leases at the Airport must also be approved by Carson City.

10. Parks and Recreation

10.A For Possible Action: Proposed renewal of the lease agreement for the Wungnema House lease with amended language to include automatic annual renewal in -- Section 1 "Lease Term," and to have the Mayor sign the agreement on behalf of the City. (Jennifer Budge, jbudge@carson.org) Late Material

Staff Summary: The proposed lease agreement between the City of Carson City and the Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation, Inc. is for the use of the Wungnema House. The property is located in the southwest corner of Mills Park, 844 North Saliman Road, APN No. 002-181-01. The lease was approved for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors by the Carson City Parks and Recreation Commission during their October 4, 2016 meeting. The Foundation approved of the new lease agreement on November 16, 2016. All parties wish to renew the lease as presented today.

11. Purchasing and Contracts

11.A For Possible Action: To award Contract No. 1617-084 Safe Drinking Water Act Analytical Services to Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc., for a total not to exceed amount of $195,643 over three calendar years to be funded from the Water Fund, Laboratory Expense Account in FY17-FY20.
(Laura Tadman, LTadman@carson.org and Darren Schulz, DSchulz@carson.org)

Staff Summary: To ensure Carson City’s Public Water System continues to meet all state and federal regulations, specific laboratory tests are required to be performed. Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc., is the largest potable water testing laboratory in the United States and provides an extensive array of laboratory service at a value to their customers. They are accredited by the NELAC Institute and maintain compliance with the State of Nevada regulations. The proposed contract is for an estimated number of tests for the next three calendar years.

11.B For Possible Action: To approve Contract No. 1617-083; to find that Susan Pintar, M.D. is qualified to serve as the Carson City County Health Officer; to appoint Susan Pintar, M.D. as the Carson City County Health Officer pursuant to CCMC 9.01.030 to CCMC 9.01.050; to set the compensation of the County Health Officer at a not to exceed amount of $28,400 per calendar year, to be paid in equal monthly payments of $2,366.67 from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018 which will be funded 30% from the WIC Professional Services Account in the Grant Fund and 70% from the Health Administration Professional Services account in the General Fund in FY17-FY19. (Laura Tadman, Ltadman@carson.org and Nicki Aaker, Naaker@carson.org) Late Material

Staff Summary: Susan Pintar, M.D. currently, is serving as Carson City's County Health Officer and is requesting appointment for another two year term (January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018). Appointment of Carson City’s County Health Officer must take place "on or before January 1 next following each general election" to be renewed every two (2) years or until a successor has been appointed and qualified (NRS 439.290 and CCMC Section 9.01.040). Staff is confident that Dr. Pintar’s experience, training and commitment to public health will enable her to continue to successfully provide these services for Carson City.

12. Health and Human Services

12.A For Possible Action: To approve a full time city position, Public Health Preparedness (PHP) Planner, to replace the existing full time contractual PHP Planner position which is currently budgeted and funded by PHP grants.
(Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org)

Staff Summary: The PHP grants have supported two planners for the past 6 years, one for community preparedness and one for healthcare system preparedness. Currently, the healthcare system PHP Planner is a city CCEA position. The community preparedness PHP Planner has been a contractual position for the past 6 years. The PHP Planner contractual employee retired June 30, 2016. We have been unsuccessful in hiring this position as a contractor.

12.B For Possible Action: To authorize Carson City to accept a grant award in the amount of $92,066 from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Infectious Disease for the period of August 1, 2016 to July 31 2017. (Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org)

Staff Summary: This grant will provide funding for Carson City Health and Human Services to complete epidemiological surveillance and investigations in Carson City and surrounding counties. This grant will also provide funding for working with health care providers in reducing hospital acquired infections.

13. Finance

13.A For Possible Action: To accept the Carson City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016. (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: City staff and representatives from Eide Bailly, LLP will be making a presentation of the City’s financial report for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2016 and the results of the audit.

13.B For Possible Action: To adopt the Carson City Plan of Corrective Action for the FY 15-16 statutory violation included in the annual audit. (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Within 60 days after the delivery of the annual audit to the local government, the governing body shall advise the Department of Taxation what action has been taken to prevent recurrence of each violation of law or regulation included in the annual audit.

13.C For Possible Action: To accept the report on the condition of each fund in the treasury and the statements of receipts and expenditures through December 5, 2016 per NRS 251.030 and NRS 354.290. (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: NRS 251.030 requires the Chief Financial Officer (for the purpose of the statute acting as the County Auditor) to report to the Board of County Commissioners (or in our case the Board of Supervisors), at each regular meeting thereof, the condition of each fund in the treasury. NRS 354.290 requires the County Auditor to report to the Board of Supervisors a statement of revenues and expenditures based on the accounts and funds as were used in the budget. A more detailed accounting is available on the City’s website – www.carson.org.

14. Community Development - Planning

14.A For Possible Action: To introduce, on first reading, an ordinance amending the Carson City Municipal Code Title 4, Licenses and Business Regulations, Chapter 13, Liquor Board and Liquor Licensing and Sales, by amending Section 4.13.010, Definitions, to modify existing definitions for "Beer", “Business License Division”, “Director” and “Wine”, and to add definitions for “Brew Pub”, “Brewery”, “Craft Distillery”, “Intoxicating Liquor”, “License” and "Wholesale Dealer”; amending Section 4.13.030, Powers and Duties of the Board, to allow for the appointment of a Hearings Officer to grant or deny applications and to consider appeals of Hearings Officer decisions; adding Section 4.13.035, Powers and Duties of the Hearings Officer, to set forth duties and procedures for the Hearings Officer; amending Section 4.13.040, License Required, to state that failure to obtain a license is a misdemeanor; amending Section 4.13.050, Classes of Licenses–Separate Entity, to add Brew Pub, Brewery and Craft Distillery liquor licenses; amending Section 4.13.060, Application for License, to change the application for a license from the Board to the Hearings Officer and to require a sworn affidavit by the liquor manager that all employees will complete server training; amending Section 4.13.070, Investigation–Fees, to exempt wholesale dealers from the background investigation requirement; amending Section 4.13.080, Investigations–Duties of Sheriff, to change the reporting of background investigations from the Board to the Business License Division; amending Section 4.13.100, License–Procedure, to change the consideration of licenses for approval and denial from the Board to the Hearings Officer; adding Section 4.13.102, Appeals, to set forth provisions for the appeal of Hearings Officer decisions to the Board; amending Section 4.13.110, License–Fees, to state that license fees will be prorated and to modify provisions for penalties related to non-payment of license fees; amending Section 4.13.115, Death of or Change to Person Listed on a License, to require that an updated application be filed when the liquor manager changes and that a change in liquor manager requires approval by the Hearings Officer; amending Section 4.13.120, License–Transferability, Use and Reactivation, to allow for certain changes to existing licenses, to allow for the serving, sale and dispensing of alcohol in the public right-of-way with an encroachment permit, and to allow for reactivation of existing licenses under certain circumstances; amending Section 4.13.125, Issuance or Denial of License, to change the granting or denying of licenses from the Board to the Hearings Officer; changing Section 4.13.135, Reactivation of Prior Existing License to Section 4.13.135, Enforcement Authority, and to outline various enforcement duties; amending Section 4.13.140, Grounds for Disciplinary Action, to add a provision consistent with NRS that the Board has the power to recommend to the State Department of Taxation suspension or revocation of a license; amending Section 4.13.150, Disciplinary Action Procedure and Penalties, to allow the Director to investigate conduct of any licensee, to change the timeframe in which a penalty may be imposed for criminal citations from six months to 12 months, to reduce the fine for the third offense for criminal citations related to the sale of liquor from $1,500.00 to $1,000.00, and to add a provision consistent with NRS that the Board has the right to suspend or revoke summarily any license under certain circumstances; amending Section 4.13.210, Possession of Open Liquor and Consumption of Liquor in Public Prohibited, to provide an exception when an encroachment permit is obtained to occupy the public right-of-way adjacent to the business. (Susan Pansky, spansky@carson.org and Adriana Fralick, afralick@carson.org)

Staff Summary: The Board of Supervisors has requested various changes to the Liquor Ordinance, primarily to allow for the review of liquor license applications by a Hearings Officer, to provide a background check exemption for wholesale dealers, and to allow for the selling, serving and dispensing of alcohol within the public right-of-way adjacent to a business holding a valid liquor license with the approval of an encroachment permit.

15. Clerk/Recorder

15.A For Possible Action: To adopt a Resolution establishing the hourly fee for services performed by the Public Administrator. (Sue Merriwether, smerriwether@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Under the provisions of Nevada law, public administrators are entitled to be paid for the administration of the estates of deceased persons, and such compensation is required by law to be set by the Board of Supervisors.

16. Board of Supervisors

Non-Action Items:
Legislative matters - no Board action will be taken - the Mayor may give limited staff direction 
     regarding staff work and/or future agenda item(s).
Future agenda items
Status review of projects
Internal communications and administrative matters
Correspondence to the Board of Supervisors
Status reports and comments from the members of the Board
Staff comments and status report


17. City Manager

17.A For Possible Action: To appoint Doug Martin to the Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (NTCD) for a two year term ending December 31, 2018. (Nick Marano, nmarano@carson.org)

Staff Summary: NRS 548.283 states, "The governing bodies of any counties located within the boundaries of the district shall each appoint a representative to represent the governing body as a supervisor on the governing board of the district." Doug Martin has expressed interest in re-appointment.

17.B For Possible Action: To reappoint Denise Stewart and Wendy Talavera to the 9-1-1 Surcharge Advisory Committee each for a term that will expire on December 31, 2018.
(Nick Marano, nmarano@carson.org)

Staff Summary: Pursuant to NRS 244A.7645, CCMC 4.05.030 creates a six member advisory committee called the “9-1-1 Surcharge Advisory Committee.” Denise Stewart and Wendy Talavera are seeking reappointment.

17.C For Possible Action: To appoint one member to the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission for a two year term that expires December 31, 2018. (Nick Marano, nmarano@carson.org)

Staff Summary: NRS Chapter 277A.170 and CCMC 11.20.030 provide for the creation and organization of a five (5) member Regional Street and Highway Commission. Staggered two-year terms are served by two (2) members of the Board of Supervisors and three (3) representatives of the citizen-at-large. Members of the RTC also serve on the Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). There is a vacancy due to an expiration of a term. A reappointment request was received from Mark Kimbrough and new applications were received from Randall Gaa and Kent Steele.

17.D For Possible Action: To submit the nomination of Paul Esswein to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) for reappointment to serve as Carson City's lay member of the Advisory Planning Commission. (Nick Marano, nmarano@carson.org)

Staff Summary: The term of office is two years. Paul Esswein's term expires at the end of December.

17.E For Possible Action: To ratify the approval of bills and other requests for payments by the City Manager for the period of November 5, 2016 thru December 2, 2016. (Nick Marano, nmarano@carson.org)

Staff Summary: All bills or other requests for payment verified per CCMC 2.29 shall be presented by the Controller, together with the register book of demands and warrants to the City Manager who shall audit the same, and if found authorized, correct and legal, shall signify by his signature, as agent for the board, upon the register book of demands and warrants those demands which are approved or disapproved by him. Upon approval, the warrants, as prepared aforesaid, shall issue. The City Manager shall then cause the register book of bills and other requests for payment and warrants to be presented at least once a month to the board of supervisors, who shall by motion entered into its minutes, ratify the action taken on the bills or other requests for payment.

18. Public Comment:
The public is invited at this time to comment on any matter that is not specifically included on the agenda as an action item. No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda.

19. For Possible Action: To Adjourn

**PUBLIC COMMENT LIMITATIONS - The Mayor and Supervisors meet at various times as different public bodies: the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board, the Carson City Redevelopment Authority, and the Carson City Board of Health. Each, as called to order, will provide at least two public comment periods in compliance with the minimum requirements of the Open Meeting Law prior to adjournment. In addition, it is Carson City’s aspirational goal to also provide for item-specific public comment as follows: In order for members of the public to participate in the public body’s consideration of an agenda item, the public is strongly encouraged to comment on an agenda item when called for by the mayor/chair during the item itself. No action may be taken on a matter raised under public comment unless the item has been specifically included on the agenda as an item upon which action may be taken. The Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and Chair, also retain discretion to only provide for the Open Meeting Law’s minimum public comment and not call for or allow additional individual-item public comment at the time of the body’s consideration of the item when: 1) it is deemed necessary by the mayor/chair to the orderly conduct of the meeting; 2) it involves an off-site non-action facility tour agenda item; or 3) it involves any person’s or entity’s due process appeal or hearing rights provided by statute or the Carson City Municipal Code.
Agenda Management Notice - Items on the agenda may be taken out of order; the public body may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; and the public body may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.
Titles of agenda items are intended to identify specific matters. If you desire detailed information concerning any subject matter itemized within this agenda, you are encouraged to call the responsible agency or the City Manager’s Office. You are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate by commenting on any agendized item.
Notice to persons with disabilities: Members of the public who are disabled and require special assistance or accommodations at the meeting are requested to notify the City Manager’s Office in writing at 201 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV, 89701, or by calling (775) 887-2100 at least 24 hours in advance.
To request a copy of the supporting materials for this meeting contact Janet Busse at jbusse@carson.org or call
(775) 887-2100.
This agenda and backup information are available on the City’s website at www.carson.org/agendas and at the City Manager’s Office - City Hall, 201 N. Carson Street, Ste 2, Carson City, Nevada (775) 887-2100.

This notice has been posted at the following locations:
Community Center 851 East William Street
Courthouse 885 East Musser Street
City Hall 201 North Carson Street
Carson City Library 900 North Roop Street
Community Development Permit Center 108 East Proctor Street

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