• By Albert Depew

06-29-16 NOPH

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29 2016, AT 5:00pm




You are hereby notified that the items listed below will be considered with action taken by the Carson City Planning Commission beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, in the Sierra Room of the Community Center, 851 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada.

SUP-16-051*  For Possible Action:  To consider a request for a Special Use Permit from Maverik, Inc. (property owner: Maverik, Inc., Agent:  Wood Rodgers) to allow a second freestanding sign that exceeds the permitted height and sign area on property zoned Limited Industrial (LI), located at 1450 College Pkwy/3370 Research Way., APN  008-922-27. (Kathe Green)

Summary: Maverik is proposing an expansion of the business to include certified truck scales.  The proposed sign would allow truck drivers to be guided onto the scale and to advertise the second business on the site. The proposed sign is 21 feet in height and 108 square feet in area.

SUP-16-052*  For Possible Action:  To consider a request for a Special Use Permit from Dane Purcell (property owner: Dane Purcell) to allow an eight-unit multi-family apartment on property zoned General Commercial (GC), located at 1770 Nichols Ln, APN 008-161-11. (Hope Sullivan)

Summary:  The applicant is proposing to construct an 8 unit apartment building, with 20 parking spaces and landscaping on a 14,375 square foot parcel.  Each apartment will be a two bedroom unit. 

TPUD-16-053  For Possible Action:  To make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors regarding a Tentative Planned Unit Development request from State Street Development LLC (property owner: State Street Development LLC, Agent: Manhard Consulting) to create 105 single family attached residential parcels, including a request for a reduction in perimeter setbacks, modification to allow tandem parking, and to allow a residential use on property zoned General Commercial (GC), located at State Street, APN  002-441-23. (Hope Sullivan)

Summary: The applicant is seeking to create 105 lots for single family attached units, with associated roadways, open space, and 60 guest parking spaces on 7.8 acres.  The units will be two and three bedroom units, with attached garages.  Vehicular access to the site will be from State Street.

 This notice will be posted at the following locations

on  June 8, 2016

 City Hall, 201 North Carson Street

Carson City Library, 900 North Roop Street

Community Center-Sierra Room, 851 East William Street

Community Development Department, 108 E. Proctor Street

Dept. of Public Works, Corporate Yard Facility, 3505 Butti Way