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3/25/20 Agenda w/Supporting Materials

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Day: Wednesday
Date: March 25, 2020
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: Carson City Community Development, BRIC Conference Room “A”
108 E. Proctor Street
Carson City, NV 89701

A. Call to Order

B. Modification to the Agenda - The Carson City Hearing Examiner reserves the right to take items out of order, remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.

C. Public Comment**
Members of the public who wish to address the Hearing Examiner may speak on matters related to the Administrative Permit Review process, which are not on this agenda. Comments are limited to three minutes per person or topic. If your item requires extended discussion, please request the Hearing Examiner to calendar the matter for a future Administrative Permit Review meeting. No action may be taken on a matter raised under public comment unless the item has been specifically included on the agenda as an item upon which action may be taken.

D. Public Hearing: Action Item

D-1 LU-2020-0005 For Possible Action: Discussion and possible action regarding an Administrative Permit application to construct an accessory structure as a shop/garage on property zoned Single Family 1 Acre (SF1A), located at 4600 Gentry Lane, APN 010-332-07. (Kathe Green,

Summary: The applicant is requesting to construct an accessory structure which is larger than 50%, but less than 75% of the size of the primary residence. The primary residence, including the attached garage is 2,099 square feet. The proposed accessory structure would be 1,200 square feet bringing the total accessory structures area to approximately 1,368 square feet or 65% of the size of the primary structure. The height is proposed at approximately 19 feet, 10 inches.

E. Public Comment**

F. For Possible Action: Adjournment

** PUBLIC COMMENT: Please note that Administrative Hearings conducted by the Hearings Examiner are NOT subject to Nevada’s Open Meeting Law requirements because an individual Hearing Examiner does not constitute a “public body” as that term is defined in NRS 241.015 for purposes of Open Meeting Law compliance. However, to further the City’s policy of providing transparency in government and to encourage public participation, the Hearings Examiner will provide at least two public comment periods in accordance with the Open Meeting Law prior to adjournment. In addition, it is Carson City’s aspirational goal to also provide for item-specific public comment as follows: In order for members of the public to participate in the public body’s consideration of an agenda item, the public is strongly encouraged to comment on an agenda item when called for by the Hearings Examiner during the item itself.

The Carson City Administrative Hearing Examiner is pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who wish to attend the meeting and need assistance. If special arrangements for the meeting are necessary, please notify the Planning Division in writing at 108 E. Proctor St., Carson City, Nevada 89701, or call 775-887-2180, as soon as possible.

For Further Information

If you would like more information about an agenda item listed above, please contact the staff member listed at the end of the particular item in which you are interested at 775-887-2180. To request a copy of the supporting material for this meeting, please contact the Planning Department at or call the Carson City Community Development Center at 775-887-2180. Supporting materials for the meeting are available in the Planning Division office located at 108 E. Proctor Street, Carson City or at Staff reports are available approximately six days prior to the Administrative Permit Review meeting or online at For further information regarding the Administrative Permit Review process, please call the Planning Division at 775-887-2180.

This agenda has been posted at the following locations:
City Hall, 201 North Carson Street
Dept. of Public Works, Corporate Yard Facility, 3505 Butti Way
Community Center-Sierra Room, 851 East William Street
Community Development Department, 108 E. Proctor Street
Parks and Recreation, 3303 Butti Way, Building 9

This agenda is also available online at:
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