• By Albert Depew

11-02-06 Agenda with Supporting Materials

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Day:          Thursday
Date:         November 2, 2006 
Time:         Beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Location:   Community Center, Sierra Room
                  851 East William Street
                  Carson City, Nevada


Call to Order
Roll Call
Invocation - Elaine Morgan, Episcopal Diocese of Nevada
Pledge of Allegiance
Public Comments and Discussion: The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any item not on the agenda that is relevant to, or within the authority of, the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board and the Carson City Redevelopment Authority. No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda until the matter itself has been specifically included on an agenda as an item upon which action will be taken. Public comment during individual agenda items will be taken on the item at the time the item is called for hearing.

1. Action on Approval of Minutes

2. Changes to the Agenda

Liquor and Entertainment Board

Action on Approval of Minutes

3. Treasurer

A) Action to approve a beer and wine license for Round Table Development Company dba Round Table Pizza with William Michael Foley as liquor manager, located at 3325 Retail Dr Suite 110-115.

Staff Summary: Per CCMC 4.13 all liquor requests are to be brought before the liquor board.

B) Action to approve a full bar liquor license for Brinker Nevada, Inc., dba Chili's Grill & Bar, with Mr. Nathan Baldwin as liquor manager, located at 3205 Retail Drive.

Staff Summary: Per CCMC 4.13 all liquor requests are to be brought before the liquor board.

C) Action to approve a full (packaged) liquor license for Ilene Learn and Olivia Gomez Ochoa, owners of Rand Ave. Convenience Store, located at 1800 Hwy 50 East. 

Staff Summary: Per CCMC 4.13 all liquor requests are to be brought before the liquor board.

Board of Supervisors

4. Consent Agenda

All matters listed under the consent agenda are considered routine and may be acted upon by the Board of Supervisors with one action and without an extensive hearing. Any member of the Board or any citizen may request that an item be taken from the consent agenda, discussed and acted upon separately during this meeting.

4-1. Purchasing and Contracts

A) Action to approve Contract No. 0607-045 a request to have the Board of Supervisors determine that the sale of one (1) 2002 Chevrolet Impala VIN#2G1WF55K129189761 to the State of Nevada Commission on Peace Officers' Standards and Training for $6,087.20 exempt from competitive bidding.

Staff Summary: Staff has requested this Sheriff's Office vehicle be sold to State of Nevada Commission on Peace Officers' Standards and Training.

B) Action to renew Contract No. 0304-048 Crack Fill Material with Construction Sealants & Supply to provide Crafco Poly Flex Type II through December 4, 2009 at the same terms and conditions as originally awarded on December 4, 2003 at the cost of .31¢ per pound delivered and to authorize its usage by Public Works providing that Carson City's approved funding and purchasing procedures are followed.

Staff Summary: Public Works has used Crafco Poly Flex Type II for approximately six (6) years and has been satisfied with the product. The current contract will expire on December 4, 2006.

4-2. Public Works and Fire

Action to approve a Grant of Right of Entry to Real Property and Forestry Work Project Agreement between the State of Nevada, Division of Forestry and the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City for a cost of $52,500 with funding from the Landfill Fund.

Staff Summary: Carson City will be contracting with the Division of Forestry for a dedicated inmate crew to perform various natural resource project work around our community. The dedicated inmate crew will be available to us on a 40 hour a week basis between November 13, 2006 and June 30, 2007. The crew will be available for 150 work days over the course of the agreement.

4-3. Public Works

Action to re-approve an agreement by and between Carson City and Lyon County for technical support and maintenance of the NDOT traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 50 and Dayton Valley Road and associated lighting.

Staff Summary: This is re-approval of the agreement brought to the Board of Supervisors on September 2, 2004. At the time of the approval, Attachments A and B were left out (labor and equipment costs). By re-approving this agreement, Carson City will provide services and maintenance of the NDOT traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 50 and Dayton Valley Road and associated lighting for pedestrian and vehicular safety. The agreement will be effective from the date of the last approving official and will expire on June 30, 2010.

4-4. Public Works - Contracts

Action to accept the recommendation of Public Works to accept the work as completed, to accept the Contract Summary as presented, and authorize the Release of Final Payment in the amount of $17,085.00 on the Quill Ranch Water Tank Interior & Exterior Re-Painting Project, Contract #2005-026, to Olympus and Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 8015, Reno, Nevada 89506.

Staff Summary: Carson City accepted sealed bids for all labor, materials, tools and equipment necessary to perform the interior and exterior surface preparation and re-painting of an existing 4 million gallon steel water tank. The steel tank is approximately 40 feet tall and 130 feet in diameter. This project is now complete and it is requested that final payment be released.

4-5. Public Works - Engineering

Action to approve an Easement Deed for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a bicycle/pedestrian path across a portion of land owned by Carson Tahoe Regional Health Care, Assessors Parcel Number 007-531-12.

Staff Summary: This dedication is being offered by the property owner in coordination with the development of the regional medical facility and the conditions of approval placed upon the property by Carson City.

4-6. Parks and Recreation - Open Space

Action to appoint and authorize the Mayor, the City Clerk Recorder or designee to swear Mr. Lyn C. Norberg as the appraiser for Carson City with regard to the self-contained appraisals of the following properties on Carson City: 1) APN 10-121-42, 10-121-43 and 10-121-44, located South of the Mexican Dam and North of the terminus of Golden Eagle Lane in the vicinity of the Carson River.

Staff Summary: Appraisals are required by state law in order to determine the value of properties to be purchased. This action is for appointment of Mr. Lyn C. Norberg as the appraiser for the properties, as required by NRS. 244.275. These properties are of interest to the Open Space program and it has been designated as an area of top priority for Open Space conservation. The approximate cost of the appraisals are $12,000.00 that will be paid from the Open Space Question 18 fund.

4-7. City Manager

Action to appoint one Rex Harold to the Shade Tree Council, term to expire January 1, 2008.

Staff Summary: There is one vacancy to be filled on the Shade Tree Council due to a member's resignation. The Council has interviewed the applicants and recommends appointment of Rex Harold.

(End of Consent Agenda)

Approximate Time - 8:45 a.m.

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Other Items

5. Public Works - Planning and Zoning

Action to consider an appeal of the Planning Commission's decision of denial of a Special Use Permit application from YESCO Sign Co. (Property owner: Bauer, Herman and H & E Trust) to allow installation of a 28-foot high, 400 square-foot off-premises sign (billboard), on property zoned General Commercial (GC), located at 4440 Highway 50 East, APN 008-281-11. (File SUP-06-164)

Staff Summary: The Planning Commission has final decision authority on all Special Use Permits unless its decision is appealed to the Board of Supervisors. The Planning Commission denied the subject application on September 27, 2006. The applicant has appealed the decision to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors will now have the final-decision authority on the special use permit via the appeal process.

6. Parks and Recreation

A) Action to approve the Parks and Recreation Commission's recommendations on the allocation of fiscal year 2006-07 Residential Construction Tax (RCT) funds for: Foundation for the Betterment of Carson City Parks & Recreation - Wungnema & Robert's Houses signs - $4000; Youth Sports Association - Governor's Field Trees near the Babe Ruth Field - $6,900; Carson City Historical Society - design of the Robert's House Carriage House - $54,000; and, Carson City Recreation Division - Bob Boldrick Theater Improvements - $75,000.  

Staff Summary: Annually in September and October the Parks and Recreation Commission holds two public meetings in order to consider and make recommendations regarding the allocation of the current years Residential Construction Tax funds. This year the Commission received four applications with a total of $273,317.44 in requests. Unfortunately, only $140,000 in RCT funding is available. The request from the Recreation Division for the theater improvements had two options: one option for $66,000 and a second option for $208,000. Parks and Recreation Staff and the Commission selected the first option and funded the rest of the requests in their entirety.

B) Action to accept the recommendation of the Open Space Advisory Committee to make an offer to Hall and Deborah Hutchison for the purchase of approximately 40 acres in fee title on property located at Kings Canyon Road two miles west of the paved terminus of Kings Canyon Road and east of Horse Creek Ranch, APN 7-051-07. The backup information on this item is in two sections due to the size of the document.     Section 1                    Section 2  

Staff Summary: This action will result in the fee title acquisition of approximately 40 acres for a cash sum of $400,000. The owners of the land have verbally accepted the offer to sell the land to Carson City pending approval by the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Hutchison's main concern is that the transaction close prior to the end of December 2006 in order to meet their tax needs. This parcel is located within a priority area for land conservation as designated by the Open Space Master Plan.

7. Public Works - Engineering

A) Action to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign a Participation Agreement between The Ribeiro Companies, 6490 S. McCarren, Bldg E, Reno, NV 89509 and Carson City for sanitary sewer engineering design and construction on the old alignment of Partrick Street, underneath South Carson Street, between the terminus of the existing sewer line on the east side of South Carson Street to the intersection of Junction Drive and Patrick Street on the west side of South Carson Street in which Carson City agrees to reimburse The Ribeiro Companies an amount, as specified in the agreement, not to exceed a total of $205,900.00 from the Sewer Fund and other matters properly related thereto.

Staff Summary: As a part of Phase 2 of the Carson City Freeway, this sewer extension was identified as the means to provide sanitary sewer service to the area generally described as south of Clearview Drive and West of Carson Street. The project was on the City's Capital Improvement list to be funded by the Sewer Fund. The initial opinion of probable cost was $600,000 and was not scheduled for several years. With the project being proposed by the Riberio Companies, an opportunity arose to have the line constructed at a much lower cost and much sooner. The sewer extension is essential to allowing the Ribeiro development project to be constructed but will serve the entire area.

B) Presentation, discussion and action on the East Highway 50 Sewer and Water Service Area Study; to accept the East Highway 50 Sewer and Water Service Area Study; to direct staff to notify the property owners of the range of potential cost; to conduct a workshop to determine the acceptance of the proposed project; and then to report the results of the workshop to the Board of Supervisors to determine whether the formation of a local improvement district should proceed.

Staff Summary: Staff has reviewed the East Highway 50 Sewer & Water Service Area Study and will make a presentation on the alternatives prepared to provide water and sewer service to the area generally east of Deer Run along the Highway 50 corridor.

8. Public Works - Contracts

Action to accept Public Works recommendation and accept the Rental Agreement between Carson City Public Works Department and J.S. Cole Company for the Emergency Rental of a D9T Dozer for the Carson City Sanitary Landfill in a monthly amount of $20,500.00 minus a Winter Discount of 10% is $18,450.00 and a transportation charge of $4,700.00 for drop-off and $4,700.00 for pick-up from the Carson City Landfill Equipment Rental Fund 550-6804-441-0445.

Staff Summary: The referenced D-9 Dozer is necessary to mitigate the underground fire in the construction/demolition portion of the Landfill. Attempts to drown the fire without disturbing the waste had no effect. The work must commence immediately in order to begin work this Fall and finalize the work before Spring when fire season begins again. The fire could not be opened up during fire season. Public Works will perform this task at the direction of and in cooperation with Chief Giomi and the Carson City Fire Department Staff.

9. City Manager

Action to adopt a resolution establishing a controlled parking zone on Musser Street between Carson Street and Division Street which will limit parking to two hours between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

Staff Summary: Pursuant to CCMC 10.24.305, the Board of Supervisors must approve parking zones and define any time limitation by resolution. This resolution provides for 2 hour parking, Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Musser Street between Carson Street and Division Street. This matter was referred to the Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee where it gained full support.

10. Board of Supervisors

Non-Action Items:

Internal communications and administrative matters
Correspondence to the Board of Supervisors
Status reports and comments from the members of the Board
Staff comments and status report

11. Public Works

Presentation of Snow Policy and display of new snow removal equipment.

Staff Summary: There have been no changes to the Snow Policy in the past year. We are requesting that the Board take a brief break to come out to the parking lot and view the new equipment.

12. Action to Adjourn

Copies of information related to the above items can be viewed at the reference desk at the Carson City Public Library.

Titles of agenda items are intended to identify specific matters. If you desire detailed information concerning any subject matter itemized within this agenda, you are encouraged to call the responsible agency or the City Manager's Office. You are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate by commenting on any agendized item.

"Notice to persons with disabilities: Members of the public who are disabled and require special assistance or accommodations at the meeting are requested to notify the City Manager's Office in writing at 201 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV, 89701, or by calling (775)887-2100 at least 24 hours in advance."

This meeting can be viewed on Channel 26. For specific dates and times - www.bactv.org.

This notice has been posted at the following locations:
Community Center - 851 East William Street
Public Safety Complex - 885 East Musser Street
City Hall - 201 North Carson Street
Carson City Library - 900 North Roop Street

Date: October 26, 2006

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