• By Albert Depew

09-20-07 Agenda with Supporting Materials

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Day:            Thursday
Date:           September 20, 2007
Time:           Beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Location:     Community Center, Sierra Room
                    851 East William Street
                    Carson City, Nevada


Call to Order
Roll Call
Invocation -
Ken Haskins, First Christian Church
Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments and Discussion: The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any item not on the agenda that is relevant to, or within the authority of, the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board and the Carson City Redevelopment Authority. No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda until the matter itself has been specifically included on an agenda as an item upon which action will be taken. Public comment during individual agenda items will be taken on the item at the time the item is called for hearing.

1. Action on Approval of Minutes

2. Changes to the Agenda

3. Special Presentations and Introductions

A) Introduction of Vicky Fogelman, Health and Human Services Director.

B) Presentation of a proclamation for "You Can't Say No . . . You Gotta Go!" Week.

Liquor and Entertainment Board

Action on Approval of Minutes

4. Development Services - Planning

Action to approve a full (packaged) liquor license and a full (packaged) beer and wine liquor license for Berry-Hinckley Industries, liquor manager: Jerry Edward Herbst, dba Winners Corner located at 1615 East 5th Street, Carson City, NV. 

Staff Summary: Per CCMC 4.13.030 (1), the granting or denying of all liquor license applications shall be by the Carson City Liquor Board.

Board of Supervisors

5. Consent Agenda

All matters listed under the consent agenda are considered routine and may be acted upon by the Board of Supervisors with one action and without an extensive hearing. Any member of the Board or any citizen may request that an item be taken from the consent agenda, discussed and acted upon separately during this meeting. The Mayor, or the Mayor Pro-Tem, retains discretion in deciding whether or not an item will be pulled off the consent agenda.

5-1. Parks and Recreation

Action to accept the prior recommendation of the Carson River Advisory Committee and the Open Space Advisory Committee to nominate the following projects for the next cycle of the Question-1 State Program: Jarrard property located at Carson River Road, Serpa properties located along the Carson River Canyon, the Mexican Dam LLC properties located at the terminus of Golden Eagle Lane, and the Wilson properties located at the western terminus of Ash Canyon Road. 

Staff Summary: The Question-1 State Program's next cycle deadline for nominations of properties for open space purchase is at the end of September. The Carson River Advisory Committee and Open Space Advisory Committee previously supported the nomination of the Buzzy Ranch properties, the Serpa properties, and the Mexican Dam LLC properties within the river priority area. The other nomination is the Wilson properties, located at the western terminus of Ash Canyon Road, supported by the Open Space Advisory Committee. The Board of Supervisors also previously reviewed and approved each of these properties as a part of the 2007 Open Space Work Program and the revised priority list for Question-1 projects.

5-2. Public Works

A) Action to accept Public Works recommendation to award the contract for Augmentation for Contract Administration and Inspection Services Contract #2007-039 and authorize Public Works to issue payments to CM Works for a contract amount of $200,000.00 from various Capital Improvement Projects as provided in FY 2007/2008.

Staff Summary: CM Works will provide professional services to include construction management, inspection, and testing services for Carson City. Professional services will be utilized within Carson City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and private development projects under the Development Services Department. CIP projects range from water; sewer and storm drain facilities, street construction and park construction and private development projects relating to commercial and industrial sites as well as residential subdivisions.

B) Action to adopt a resolution approving and authorizing the Mayor to sign the Water Lease Agreement for Lost Lakes between Carson City and Carson Water Subconservancy District.

Staff Summary: Adoption of the Resolution approving this Water Lease Agreement will provide Carson City with up to, but not to exceed 219.0 acre feet of additional surface water, allowing equivalent rest of groundwater resources from October 1, 2007 until March 31, 2008. It has been the past practice of Carson City to lease these water rights as a part of our conjunctive use management plan.

C) Action to adopt a resolution approving and authorizing the Mayor to sign the Cooperative Agreement for Amendment One between the State of Nevada, Department of Buildings and Grounds, Carson City, and Carson Water Subconservancy District, accepting an increase in the contribution from the Carson Water Subconservancy District in the total amount of $600,000.00.

Staff Summary: Adoption of the Resolution approving this Amendment One will reduce the amount of State bonding for this project and off-set Carson City's monthly service charge paid to the State.

D) Action to accept Public Works recommendation to award the contract for Robert's House Carriage House Contract #2007-050 and authorize Public Works to issue payments to J.P. Copoulos, Architect, for a contract amount of $29,440.00 from the RCT Parks Improvement/Nevada Landmark Society Roberts House Fund as provided for in FY 2007/2008.

Staff Summary: The Robert's House Carriage House Project consists of design of a 1,000' one story building with a vaulted ceiling to provide open roof space over kitchen and bathroom ceilings and design of false carriage house doors on the north side of the building. Project includes all Planning Division's Major Project Review Requirements in document (MPR-07-091), provide cost estimates for each phase and required tests, submittal of complete design with cost estimate for approval to the Carson City Historical Society prior to city submittals, and submit an application, provide samples, cut sheets, and renderings as required to the Historic Resource Commission for review.

(End of Consent Agenda)

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Other Items

6. Development Services - Planning and Zoning

A) Action to introduce, on first reading, an ordinance amending Carson City Municipal Code Title 17, Division of Land, Chapter 17.06, Final Subdivision Maps, by changing the time in which to record a final map from one year to two years after approval of a tentative map consistent with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS); amending Title 18, Zoning, Chapter 18.02, Administrative Provisions, Section 18.02.035, Commission and Boards Application, by changing the time in which the City has to review a zoning application for completeness from 10 days to three days per NRS; amending Chapter 18.16, Development Standards, Division 1, Land Use and Site Design, Section 1.15, Manufactured Home Installation Within a Single Family Zoning District, by changing the maximum age of a manufactured home that may be placed from five years to six years per NRS; amending Chapter 18.16, Division 1, Section 1.11, Street Vendors, making changes to be consistent with other sections of the Municipal Code; and amending Chapter 18.16, Development Standards, Division 2, Parking and Loading, Section 2.3, General Parking Requirements, to clarify tandem parking requirements consistent with the Downtown Mixed-Use parking standards. (File ZCA-07-115)

Staff Summary: The proposed revisions to the Carson City Municipal Code Title 18 relating to zoning are intended to bring the code in compliance with certain provisions of NRS that were modified by the 2007 Nevada Legislature and to make other corrections to be consistent with NRS and other portions of the Municipal Code.

B) Action to approve a Tentative Planned Unit Development application from Quad Knopf for Wes Ball (property owner: Jeannette Jensen) requesting Tentative Map approval for 34 manufactured home lots and a Zoning Map Amendment from Mobile Home 12,000 (MH12) to Mobile Home 6000-Planned Unit Development (MH6-P). Variances to the project include lot size, lot width, lot setbacks, street width, street driveway spacing, and to the 20 foot periphery setback. A community directory sign will be included in this application. APN 008-192-69. (File TPUD-07-107 and ZMA-07-108)                        
                                                    Section 1             Section 2 

Staff Summary: The developers of this Tentative Planned Unit Development application are requesting approval for 34 manufactured home lots, a Zoning Map Amendment rezoning from Mobile Home 12,000 (MH12) to Mobile Home 6,000-Planned Unit Development (MH6-P) and several variances to the project. This project is located at the northwest corner of College Parkway and East Nye Lane.

7. Parks and Recreation

Action to approve a request from Silver Oaks Golf Course Events Center to waive rental fees in the amount of $461.00 for the Parks and Recreation Department's mobile stage and mobile bleacher for "You Can't Say No, You Gotta Go" fundraiser event to be held Saturday September 29, 2007 at the Silver Oak Event Center in Carson City.

Staff Summary: Silver Oak Golf Course Event Center is hosting a state-wide fund raising event on Saturday, September 29, 2007 from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm honoring all of the Nevada military heroes who have fallen in the "War Against Terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The funds will go to the Nevada Patriot Fund which assists the families of our fallen military personnel.

8. Public Works

Action to accept Public Works recommendation on the Carson City Freeway Phase 2A Utility Relocations, Colorado St., Saliman Rd., and Fairview Dr. /Linear Ditch Project Contract #2006-074 and increase the Contingency Amount by $15,545.49 and to accept the work as completed, to accept the Contract Summary as presented, and approve this Release of Final Payment in the amount of $234,909.67, to RaPiD Construction, Inc. 

Staff Summary: This portion of the Carson City Freeway Phase 2A Utility Relocation Project, consisting of the relocation of utilities on Colorado St., S. Saliman Rd., and Fairview Dr. to Linear Ditch along the freeway corridor is now complete and the contractor is entitled to final payment. Additional contingency is requested as said project exceeded the approved amount due to adjustments resulting from 13 Work Order Directives correcting for field conditions.

9. Internal Audit Department

Action to approve a preliminary internal audit work plan for the period September 2007 through December 2007. 

Staff Summary: The preliminary audit work plan for the period September 2007 through December 2007 will be directed towards establishing an Audit Committee. This committee will provide oversight to the City's Internal Audit Department and direction on the development of an Audit Plan for the period January 1, 2008 through June 30, 2008. Additionally, per discussions with the City Manager, September 10, 2007, it was agreed that the following special projects should be assigned to the City Auditor through completion to ensure a smooth transition. These projects include the PERS Audit, P2K System, Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy, Capital Expenditure Policy and the completion of the Risk Management Restructure.

10. Fire

Presentation and overview of current and future activities of the Fire Department.

Staff Summary: Stacey Giomi, Fire Chief will be updating the Board on their operations.

11. Board of Supervisors

A) Mayor Teixeira/Supervisor Staub

Action to delegate to Mayor Marv Teixeira and Supervisor Richard Staub the authority to negotiate and set the salary for the position of City Auditor.

Staff Summary: Sue Johnson accepted this position at your last Board meeting. A salary has not been determined for Ms. Johnson, however, a salary range of $78,849 - $110,388 has been approved by the Board. This action will allow the Mayor and Supervisor Staub to set the salary within the range.

B) Supervisor Pete Livermore

An overview presented by Pete Livermore and the Office of Business Development regarding the actions and successes of the newly formed Carson City Arts and Culture Coalition (CCACC).

Staff Summary: Supervisor Pete Livermore has actively championed the creation of an arts and cultural coalition to serve as the grassroots body to speak as "one voice" for the cultural community. The CCACC's mission is to promote a vibrant cultural life for our community by "advocating" on behalf of the area's artists and its many and varied cultural institutions. Formed last year, this membership group meets monthly, has defined its governance, built its membership to greater than 30 organizations, created an effective website and initiated a marketing strategy to serve both the CCACC as a whole and all of its individual members. The CCACC has defined another long-range goal: to help the City establish an Arts and Culture Commission that must serve as the primary advisory body to the Board of Supervisors and act as a coordinator and catalyst bringing government, the arts community and the public together with one vision for the cultural benefit of the region.

C) Non-Action Items:

Internal communications and administrative matters
Correspondence to the Board of Supervisors
Status reports and comments from the members of the Board
Staff comments and status report

12. District Attorney

Presentation to the Board of Supervisors on the restructure of the District Attorney's Office which includes the addition of a victim advocate/witness coordinator, the transfer of risk management investigator to the District Attorney's Office, and the transfer of the Child Support Program to the State of Nevada. 

Staff Summary: The Child Support Program is a federal program that is delegated to the States. The State of Nevada administers the program, establishes policy for the program and maintains the computer systems for the program. However, the state has entered into agreements with various district attorneys to do the establishment of non-aid cases and the enforcement of the program on all aid and non-aid cases. The Carson City District Attorney's Office is responsible for the enforcement of the program in Carson City. The bifurcation of the administration and policy making functions from the enforcement functions has created repetitive bureaucracy and unnecessary additional costs to Carson City. Therefore, the Carson City District Attorney's Office will no longer establish and enforce this program on behalf of the State of Nevada.

As part of the restructure of the office, a victim advocate/witness coordinator will be created to provide assistance to crime victims. The District Attorney's Office has also taken on the additional responsibility of providing risk management investigations to the City.

13. City Manager

A) Action to approve a policy titled "Economic Development Funding Policy."

Staff Summary: This policy sets forth the process by which net profits generated from the operations of the Carson City Landfill are recognized and used to support economic development activities. These activities are an investment into our ability to provide services to our citizens in the long term.

B) Update on the current and future financial condition of the Carson City General Fund.

Staff Summary: Staff would like to provide monthly updates on actual budget results, revised projections and cost reduction strategies being implemented to address the deficit included in the 2007/2008 General Fund Budget. No action is requested at this time.

C) Action to recess into closed session pursuant to NRS. 288.220 to meet with management representatives regarding labor negotiations.

Staff Summary: Nevada law permits a governing body such as the Board of Supervisors to close its meeting to the public to meet with its management representatives to discuss labor negotiations, per NRS. 288.220.

D) Action to recess into closed session pursuant to the Nevada Open Meeting Law, NRS. 241.015(2)(b)(2), for the purpose of receiving information regarding potential or existing litigation from an attorney employed or retained by the city, and/or deliberating toward a decision. 

Staff Summary: Nevada law permits a governing body such as the Board of Supervisors to close its meeting to the public for the purpose of receiving information regarding potential or existing litigation from an attorney employed or retained by the city.

14. Action to Adjourn

Copies of information related to the above items can be viewed at the reference desk at the Carson City Public Library.

Titles of agenda items are intended to identify specific matters. If you desire detailed information concerning any subject matter itemized within this agenda, you are encouraged to call the responsible agency or the City Manager's Office. You are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate by commenting on any agendized item.

"Notice to persons with disabilities: Members of the public who are disabled and require special assistance or accommodations at the meeting are requested to notify the City Manager's Office in writing at 201 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV, 89701, or by calling (775)887-2100 at least 24 hours in advance."

This meeting can be viewed on Channel 26. For specific dates and times - www.bactv.org.

This notice has been posted at the following locations:
Community Center  851 East William Street
Public Safety Complex  885 East Musser Street
City Hall  201 North Carson Street
Carson City Library  900 North Roop Street

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