• By Albert Depew

12-20-18 Agenda with Supporting Materials

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Day: Thursday
Date: December 20, 2018
Time: Beginning at 8:30 am
Location: Community Center, Sierra Room
851 East William Street
Carson City, Nevada


1.    Call to Order - Board of Supervisors

2.    Roll Call

3.    Invocation -
Nick Emery, New Hope Crossing

4.    Pledge of Allegiance

5.    Public Comment:**

The public is invited at this time to comment on and discuss any topic that is relevant to, or within the authority of this public body.

6.    For Possible Action:  Approval of Minutes - November 15, 2018

7.    For Possible Action:  Adoption of Agenda

8.    Special Presentations

 8.A   Presentation of Length of Service certificates to City employees.  (Melanie Bruketta, mbruketta@carson.org)  

Staff Summary:  Every month the Board of Supervisors presents Length of Service certificates to employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of City service. 

Consent Agenda

All matters listed under the consent agenda are considered routine and may be acted upon by the Board of Supervisors with one action and without an extensive hearing.  Any member of the Board may request that an item be taken from the consent agenda, discussed and acted upon separately during this meeting.  The Mayor, or the Mayor Pro-Tem, retains discretion in deciding whether or not an item will be pulled off the consent agenda.

9.    City Manager

 9.A   For Possible Action: To ratify the approval of bills and other requests for payments by the City Manager for the period of November 3, 2018 through December 7, 2018. (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary:  Pursuant to CCMC 2.29, the Controller will present all bills or other requests for payment by the City to the City Manager for approval. Upon approval, the register book of bills and other requests for payment and warrants are presented at least once a month to the Board of Supervisors, who shall by motion entered into its minutes, ratify the action taken.
10.    Finance

 10.A   For Possible Action: To accept the report on the condition of each fund in the treasury and the statements of receipts and expenditures through December 7, 2018, per NRS 251.030 and NRS 354.290. (Sheri Russell, SRussell@carson.org)

Staff Summary:  NRS 251.030 requires the Chief Financial Officer (for the purpose of the statute acting as the County Auditor) to report to the Board of Supervisors, at each regular meeting thereof, the condition of each fund in the treasury. NRS 354.290 requires the County Auditor to report to the Board of Supervisors a statement of revenues and expenditures based on the accounts and funds as were used in the budget.  A more detailed accounting is available on the City’s website – www.carson.org.

11.    Purchasing and Contracts

 11.A   For Possible Action: To approve Contract No. 1819-149 to appoint Susan Pintar, M.D. as the Carson City Health Officer pursuant to NRS 439.290 and CCMC 9.01.030 to CCMC 9.01.050 with compensation fixed at a not to exceed amount of $28,400.00 per calendar year, from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020, which will be 30% funded from the WIC Supplies Contractual Account in the Grant Fund and 70% funded from the Health Administration Professional Services account in the General Fund as provided in FY19-FY21. (Carol Akers, CAkers@carson.org and Nicki Aaker, NAaker@carson.org)  Late Materials

Staff Summary:  Dr. Pintar is currently serving as Carson City's Health Officer and is requesting appointment for an additional two-year term, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020.  Appointment of the Health Officer must take place "on or before January 1 next following each general election" for a two-year term or until a successor has been appointed and qualified (NRS 439.290 and CCMC Section 9.01.040).  Staff is confident that Dr. Pintar’s experience, training and commitment to public health will enable her to successfully provide these services for Carson City.     
 11.B   For Possible Action:  To approve Amendment No. 1 for the purchase of eight additional Body Worn Camera Systems and four licenses through Axon Enterprise, Inc. utilizing the State of Nevada RFP/Contract #3273 for an additional amount of $22,691.08 over a five year period to be funded from the 911 Surcharge Fund. (Carol Akers, CAkers@carson.org and Sheriff Ken Furlong, kfurlong@carson.org) 

Staff Summary:  The Amendment is for the purchase of eight additional body cameras, four additional licenses, and the necessary software and maintenance for the storage, sharing, and redacting of video evidence that will increase the cost over the five year contract period with Axon by a total amount of $22,691.08. 

(End of Consent Agenda)

Ordinances, Resolutions, and Other Items

12.    Item(s) pulled from the Consent Agenda will be heard at this time.

13.    Fire

 13.A   For Possible Action: To adopt Bill No. 123, on second reading, an ordinance amending sections of Title 14, Chapter 14.02, to reflect the adoption of the 2018 editions of the International Fire Code, the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, the Northern Nevada Fire Code Amendments, and Northern Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Code Amendments. (Dave Ruben, druben@carson.org) 

Staff Summary: This will be the second reading of an ordinance to modify the text of the Carson City Municipal Code by adopting the latest version (2018) of the International Fire Code and the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code together with the Northern Nevada Amendments to form the basis for the City’s fire code.  The proposed changes would become effective January 1, 2019.   

14.    Purchasing and Contracts

 14.A   For Possible Action:   To approve the purchase of four Caterpillar XQ425 portable generators utilizing Cashman Power Solutions through Sourcewell, formally National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) for a not to exceed amount of  $797,828.00 to be funded from the Sewer and Water Funds and reimbursed by a Division of Emergency Management (DEM) and Homeland Security Grant.  (Carol Akers, cakers@carson.org and Dan Stucky, dstucky@carson.org)

Staff Summary:  Approval of this item allows Public Works to purchase the generators through Cashman CAT. The portable generators are to be used to support critical water production facilities and sewer lift stations during power outages. 

 14.B   For Possible Action:  To approve Contract No. 1819-144 for the Sierra Room Technology Refresh to CCS Presentation Systems, for a not to exceed amount of $217,190.48. (Carol Akers, cakers@carson.org and Eric Von Schimmelmann, Evonschimmelmann@carson.org) 

Staff Summary:  The purchase of the new system will upgrade the audio, video and recording technology for the Sierra Room.  The contract amount is $197,445.89 plus a contingency amount of $19,744.59, to be funded from the IT budget as approved in the FY19 budget. 

 14.C   For Possible Action:  To approve the purchase of services for a software migration with Tiburon/TriTech to implement the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), a data management system, for a not to exceed amount of $102,540.00. (Carol Akers, CAkers@carson.org and Sheriff Ken Furlong, KFurlong@carson.org) 

Staff Summary:  The Carson City Sheriff’s Office currently reports its data to the FBI using the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data system. The FBI requires the Sheriff's Office convert its UCR system to NIBRS. To do this, a software update to Tiburon is needed.  

15.    Health and Human Services

 15.A   For Possible Action: To authorize the Carson City Health and Human Services Department to apply for the Title X Family Planning Services Grant through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Population Affairs; Federal Funding Opportunity Number: PA-FPH-19-001.  (Nicki Aaker, naaker@carson.org and Veronica Galas, vgalas@carson.org)

Staff Summary:  Funds will be awarded in annual increments (budget periods) and generally for a project period of up to three (3) years, although projects may be approved for longer or shorter project periods for the purposes of providing family planning and preventive health services. Funds from this grant would be used to continue a core program that has been administered under CCHHS’ Clinical Services Division since 2009. 

16.    Public Works

 16.A   For Possible Action:  To approve the 30% design of the South Carson Complete Streets Project and to direct staff to advance the project to the 60% design stage. (Dan Stucky, DStucky@carson.org)

Staff Summary:  The Carson City project manager and design team will present the 30% design for the South Carson Complete Streets Project.

17.    Finance

 17.A   For Possible Action: To approve amendments to the Financial and Budget Policies for Carson City. (Sheri Russell, srussell@carson.org)   Late Materials

Staff Summary:  On April 5, 2018 the Board reviewed proposed amendments to the City's Financial and Budget Policies and recommended changes to be brought back.   

18.    Community Development - Planning

 18.A   For Possible Action: To introduce, on first reading, an ordinance approving a change of zoning from Retail Commercial and Single Family One Acre to Retail Commercial, on properties located at 4530 and 4580 Cochise Street, APN 009-265-01, -02, -03 and 009-267-06, and -07.  (Hope Sullivan, hsullivan@carson.org)

Staff Summary: The subject properties have a zoning designation of split zoned Retail Commercial and Single Family One Acre, and Single Family One Acre, and a Master Plan designation of Community / Regional Commercial.  The proposed zoning map amendment will result in all properties being entirely zoned Retail Commercial, thus consistent with the Master Plan designation.  The Board of Supervisors has the authority to amend the zoning map.

 18.B   For Possible Action:  To introduce, on first reading, an ordinance approving a change of zoning for a 119.1 acre site from General Industrial to Single Family 6,000 for approximately 68.3 acres; Multi-family Apartment for approximately 18.0 acres; General Commercial for approximately 13.9 acres; and Public Regional for approximately 18.9 acres, for property located southeast of US Highway 50 and northeast of Deer Run Road, within the V&T Specific Plan Area, APN’s 008-521-54, -55, 89, 90, 008-522-16, -17, -18, 008-531-59, and -60. (Heather Ferris, hferris@carson.org)    Part 2

Staff Summary: The subject properties have a zoning designation of General Industrial and a Master Plan land use designation of Mixed-Use Residential.  On March 15, 2018 the Board of Supervisors approved a Master Plan Amendment changing the Master Plan designation of the subject site from Industrial to Mixed Use Residential.  The requested zoning map amendment will make the zoning consistent with the Master Plan designation of Mixed-Use Residential and is sought in conjunction with a Tentative Subdivision Map (TSM-18-154).

 18.C   For Possible Action:  To consider a request for a Tentative Subdivision Map application to create 270 single family residential lots, 9 common area parcels, 3 remainder parcels, and approximately 13.36 acres of right-of-way within a 119.1 acre project area; located southeast of US Highway 50 and northeast of Deer Run Road, within the V&T Specific Plan Area, APN’s 008-521-54, -55, 89, 90, 008-522-16, -17, -18, 008-531-59, and -60. (Heather Ferris, hferris@carson.org)  Late Materials

Staff Summary: The Board of Supervisors is authorized to approve a Tentative Subdivision Map pursuant to the provisions of Section 17.05.010 of the Carson City Municipal Code (CCMC).  The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board.  The Planning Commission reviewed the subject application at its meeting of November 28, 2018 and has recommended approval of the request based on the ability to make the required findings and subject to Conditions of Approval.  This Tentative Subdivision Map is being sought in conjunction with a Zoning Map Amendment (ZMA-18-155).

19.    Clerk-Recorder

 19.A   For Possible Action:  To accept the Annual Technology Fund Report submitted pursuant to NRS 247.306, which contains an estimate of proceeds that will be collected by the Clerk-Recorder in fiscal year 2018/19 and a proposal for the expenditures of those proceeds. (Sue Merriwether, smerriwether@carson.org) 

Staff Summary:  NRS 247.306 requires the Clerk-Recorder to submit an annual report to the Board of Supervisors which contains an estimate of the proceeds that will be collected in the next fiscal year pursuant to NRS 247.305 as fees for recording a document, instrument, paper, notice, deed, conveyance, map, chart, survey or any other writing, along with a proposal for expenditures of those proceeds.  This report is being submitted in compliance with that statutory requirement.  
20.    District Attorney

 20.A   For Possible Action: To approve the City Manager Employment Agreement between Carson City and Nancy Paulson, effective December 20, 2018 to December 20, 2020, for a starting annual base salary of $177,683.00.  (Dan Yu, jdyu@carson.org) Late Material

Staff Summary: On December 6, 2018, the Board of Supervisors directed legal counsel to prepare an employment agreement to appoint Nancy Paulson as the City Manager.  A draft agreement is being submitted for review and discussion by the Board before execution by the parties.  The Agreement incorporates various provisions establishing the duties and obligations of the parties, the term of the Agreement and salary and other benefits. 

21.    Board of Supervisors
Non-Action Items:
Future agenda items
Status review of projects
Internal communications and administrative matters
Correspondence to the Board of Supervisors
Status reports and comments from the members of the Board
Staff comments and status report

-- LUNCH BREAK - RETURN 1:30 P.M. --

22.    City Manager

 22.A   For Possible Action: To appoint one member to the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission to fill a term that expires in December, 2020.  (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: NRS Chapter 277A.170 and CCMC 11.20.030 provide for the creation and organization of a five member Regional Street and Highway Commission. Staggered two-year terms are served by two members of the Board of Supervisors and three representatives of the citizen-at-large. Members of the RTC also serve on the Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). There is one vacancy due to expiration of term.  A reappointment request was submitted by Mark Kimbrough and a new application was submitted by Paul Corrado.

 22.B   For Possible Action: To appoint two members to the Carson City Audit Committee, each for a term that expires on December 31, 2020. (Nancy Paulson, npaulson@carson.org)

Staff Summary: CCMC 2.14.030 provides for a five-member Audit Committee, one member from the Board of Supervisors and four members from the citizen-at-large. There are two vacancies for citizen-at-large positions due to expiration of terms. Stephen Ferguson and Ernie Mayhorn are seeking reappointment. New applications were submitted by Frank Roide and Alexander Jaacovi.

23.    Purchasing and Contracts

 23.A   For Possible Action:  To approve Contract No. 1819-041 for a new Collection Services Franchise Agreement with Waste Management of Nevada (WM) for a 15-year term with the option of a two-year extension, with provisions establishing the maximum service rates and a rate adjustment methodology for customers, and a franchise fee payable by WM to the City in a not to exceed amount of 8 percent of WM's gross receipts net of surcharge fees billed each month.  (Carol Akers, CAkers@carson.org and Rick Cooley, RCooley@carson.org)  Late Materials

Staff Summary:  The initial term of this agreement will be for a period of fifteen (15) years beginning July 1, 2019 and terminating on June 30, 2034.  On or before April 1, 2032, the Board may approve a two year extension of this Agreement for the period beginning July 1, 2034 through June 30, 2036.  WM has reiterated its commitment to providing the highest quality customer service for Carson City businesses and residents.
24.    Public Comment:**
The public is invited at this time to comment on any matter that is not specifically included on the agenda as an action item.  No action may be taken on a matter raised under this item of the agenda.

25.    For Possible Action:  To Adjourn

**PUBLIC COMMENT LIMITATIONS - The Mayor and Supervisors meet at various times as different public bodies: the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the Carson City Liquor and Entertainment Board, the Carson City Redevelopment Authority, and the Carson City Board of Health.  Each, as called to order, will provide at least two public comment periods in compliance with the minimum requirements of the Open Meeting Law prior to adjournment.  In addition, it is Carson City’s aspirational goal to also provide for item-specific public comment as follows:  In order for members of the public to participate in the public body’s consideration of an agenda item, the public is strongly encouraged to comment on an agenda item when called for by the mayor/chair during the item itself.  No action may be taken on a matter raised under public comment unless the item has been specifically included on the agenda as an item upon which action may be taken. The Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and Chair, also retain discretion to only provide for the Open Meeting Law’s minimum public comment and not call for or allow additional individual-item public comment at the time of the body’s consideration of the item when: 1) it is deemed necessary by the mayor/chair to the orderly conduct of the meeting; 2) it involves an off-site non-action facility tour agenda item; or 3) it involves any person’s or entity’s due process appeal or hearing rights provided by statute or the Carson City Municipal Code. 
Agenda Management Notice - Items on the agenda may be taken out of order; the public body may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; and the public body may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to an item on the agenda at any time.
Titles of agenda items are intended to identify specific matters.  If you desire detailed information concerning any subject matter itemized within this agenda, you are encouraged to call the responsible agency or the City Manager’s Office.  You are encouraged to attend this meeting and participate by commenting on any agendized item.
Notice to persons with disabilities: Members of the public who are disabled and require special assistance or accommodations at the meeting are requested to notify the City Manager’s Office in writing at 201 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV, 89701, or by calling (775) 887-2100 at least 24 hours in advance.
To request a copy of the supporting materials for this meeting contact Janet Busse at jbusse@carson.org or call (775) 887-2100.
This agenda and backup information are available on the City’s website at www.carson.org/agendas and at the City Manager’s Office - City Hall, 201 N. Carson Street, Ste 2, Carson City, Nevada  (775)887-2100.

This notice has been posted at the following locations:
Community Center  851 East William Street
Courthouse  885 East Musser Street
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