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1/15/19 NOPH

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You are hereby notified that the Carson City Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on TUESDAY, January 15, 2019, regarding the item noted below. The meeting will commence at 5:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room, 851 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada.

Agenda Title: AB-18-173 For Possible Action: To make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for an Abandonment of a portion of a public right-of-way, a one foot wide section of the northern area of West Fifth Street between the easterly right-of-way area of South Curry Street and the westerly right-of-way area of South Carson Street. The total area is 170 square feet, more or less, adjacent to properties located at 114 West Fifth Street and 418 South Carson Street, APNs 003-116-03 and 003-116-04. (Kathe Green

Summary: The proposal is to abandon a one foot by 170 feet portion of right-of-way on the north side of West Fifth Street between South Curry Street and South Carson Street. If approved, this one block section of Fifth Street would become 65 feet wide. This request is to accommodate an existing building which was built into the right-of-way area on the eastern portion of the area under review. Per CCMC 17.15, the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors regarding requests for right-of-way abandonment. The Board of Supervisors is authorized to abandon the right-of-way.

Agenda Title: TPUD-18-010 For Possible Action: To consider a request for a modification to a Tentative Planned Unit Development that would create 156 multi-family units consisting of three four-plexes and 18 eight-plexes as well as 137 single family home lots. The multifamily development will be on land zoned Multi-Family Apartment (MFA), and the single family homes will be on land zoned Single Family 6,000 (SF6). The subject property is east of Interstate 580, west of Airport Road, and at the south end of Lompa Lane, APN 010-041-75.

Summary: The applicant is seeking a residential subdivision on the 41.6 acre site that is currently vacant. The northern portion of the site is zoned for Multi-Family Apartment, the southern portion is zoned Single Family 6,000, and a small strip along Airport Road is zoned Public Community (PC). The smallest lot size in the single family development will be 3,373 square feet. Open space, including a 3 acre park, and roads are proposed to be incorporated into the development.

Agenda Title: SUP-18-182 For Possible Action: To consider a request for a Special Use Permit to expand the existing Cason Tahoe Regional Medical Center by adding 6,600 square feet to the existing emergency department, adding approximately 21,000 square feet of floor area to the lower level of the medical center to house support services for the hospital, adding approximately 1,625 square feet to the Sierra Surgery Hospital, and connecting the Surgery Hospital with the Medical Center building with an enclosed pedestrian walkway over Eagle Valley Creek. The subject property is located at 1600 Medical Parkway and 1400 Medical Parkway, APN’s 007-531-37, 007-531-38 and 007-531-40. (Heather Ferris,

Summary: The applicant is requesting an addition to the existing emergency department, the lower level to accommodate expanded laboratory functions and medical support uses and to construct an enclosed pedestrian connection over Eagle Creek to the Sierra Surgery Building. Additionally, existing parking and drive aisles will be modified to accommodate these expansions.

Agenda Title: VAR-18-179 For Possible Action: To consider a request for a Variance request to establish setback for RV garages and maximum building heights for Silver Oak Phases 23A and B, located at the east end of Radcliff Drive, on property zoned Single Family 12,000 Planned Unit Development (SF12-P), 007-552-42. (Kathe Green

Summary: The applicant is seeking to amend the development standards, referred to as variances at time of approval, so as to establish a setback for an RV garage, and maximum building heights.

Agenda Title: ZMA-18-180 For Possible Action: To make recommendation to the Board of Supervisors regarding a Zoning Map Amendment for a zoning change from Retail Commercial (RC) to General Commercial (GC) on a portion of APN 002-061-34. The subject property is located at 2203-2323 North Carson Street (Hot Springs Center). (Heather Ferris,

Summary: The applicant is requesting a split zoned parcel with Retail Commercial remaining along the North Carson Street frontage and General Commercial to the rear. The General Commercial zoning will provide the land owner with a broader range of uses for the property.

The application materials are available for public review at the Planning Division office, 108 E. Proctor Street. Complete Planning Commission packet will be available approximately six days prior to the meeting at, or at the Planning Division, 108 E. Proctor Street, Carson City, NV 89701. If you have questions related to this application, contact the Carson City Planning Division at (775)887-2180 or