• By Albert Depew

6/26/19 NOPH

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You are hereby notified that the Carson City Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, regarding the items noted below. The meeting will commence at 5:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room, 851 East William Street, Carson City, Nevada.

GM-18-071 For Possible Action: To recommend to the Board of Supervisors a Resolution establishing the maximum number of residential building permit allocations under the Growth Management Ordinance for the years 2020 and 2021 and estimating the maximum number of residential building permits for the years 2022 and 2023; establishing the number of building permit allocations within the Development and General Property Owner categories; and establishing a maximum average daily water usage for commercial and industrial building permits as a threshold for Growth Management Commission review. (Lee Plemel, lplemel@carson.org)

Summary: The Planning Commission, acting as the Growth Management Commission, is required to make annual recommendations to the Board of Supervisors to establish the number of residential permits that will be available for the following calendar year. This has historically been based upon a maximum growth rate of three percent. The commercial and industrial daily water usage threshold is 15,000 gallons per day annual average in 2019, above which Growth Management Commission approval is required.
SUP-19-082 For Possible Action: Discussion and possible action regarding a Special Use Permit to construct a booster pump station on property zoned Single Family 21,000 Planned Unit Development, located at Norfolk Drive, APN 007-392-39. (Heather Ferris, hferris@carson.org).

Summary: The applicant is seeking to install a booster pump station to provide adequate pressure to pump domestic water from the end of the 24 inch water transmission main located north of Long Ranch Estates to the Quill Treatment Plant Water Tank. The booster pump station would be housed within a pre-fabricated pump house of approximately 780 square feet with an interior emergency generator. This project will increase the reliability of the Carson City water system by providing a higher system capacity. Booster pump stations, and similar facilities, are allowed in the Single Family Residential 21,000 zoning district as a conditional use. As it is a conditional use, it may only be established upon approval of a Special Use Permit by the Planning Commission.

TSM-19-054 For Possible Action: Discussion and possible action regarding a Tentative Subdivision Map to create a 103 lot single family residential subdivision within the Lompa Ranch Specific Plan Area, and within the Blackstone Ranch Specific Plan Area, zoned Single Family 6,000 and located at the east end Railroad Drive and Saliman Road, APN 010-051-44. (Hope Sullivan, hsullivan@carson.org)

Summary: The applicant is proposing to subdivide a 26.89 acre property to create 103 residential lots, a roadway system, open space, and trails. Lot sizes are proposed to range from 6,000 square feet to 15,803 square feet, with an overall average lot size of approximately 7,712 square feet. Road access is proposed to be from Railroad Drive and from 5th Street. The Board of Supervisors is authorized to approval a Tentative Map. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Board.

SUP-19-083 For Possible Action: Discussion and possible action regarding a Special Use Permit for Outdoor Storage on property zoned General Commercial and Public Regional, located on the westside of Airport Road, south of Butti Way, APN 010-041-76. (Hope Sullivan, hsullivan@carson.org).

Summary: The applicant is seeking to construct a boat and RV storage facility on a 7.28 acre parcel in the Lompa Ranch North Specific Plan Area. The property has two zoning districts. Given that the use is a conditional use in one of the two zoning districts, a Special Use Permit is required. The Planning Commission is authorized to approve a Special Use Permit.

SUP-19-076 For Possible Action: Discussion and possible action regarding a Special Use Permit to continue the use of an existing billboard in General Commercial (GC) zoning, located at 5853 South Carson Street, APN 009-304-06. (Kathe Green, kgreen@carson.org)

Summary: Special Use Permits for billboards are valid for five years. To retain the sign, the applicant must request a Special Use Permit. The applicant is requesting to continue the existing billboard in the present location. No changes are proposed for the billboard.