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Copyright and Privacy Policy

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© 2002 Carson City, Nevada Government

Carson City, Nevada Government maintains a copyright on each and every screen/page of this website. While you are free to download and save a copy of any of the screens/pages, you may not reproduce any text, graphics or photos on these copyrighted screens/pages for distribution to any other person. You may not modify, publish, transmit, create derivative works or in any way exploit any of the copyrighted material. To do so violates the U.S. copyright laws and is subject to potential civil and criminal penalties.

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To establish Privacy Policy guidelines for Carson City, Nevada government web sites.

This document applies to any government entity of Carson City, Nevada who owns, manages, controls or is in any way responsible for a web site representing their services, functions, and information to the public.


Web Site – Public set of documents, called pages, developed using some form of Hyper-Text Markup Language and associated technologies.

Home Page – The first page a user will encounter when visiting a web site for the first time through the base URL string.

User – Any person browsing a Carson City, Nevada government web site or any part thereof.

Link – Also known as Hyper-link. Used to connect one web page to another web page via some form of Hyper-Text Markup Language. Whether graphical or text in nature.


Departments and other interested parties should contact the Carson City District Attorney's office to find out what liabilities exist for violating local, state and federal laws regarding web page content.


Departments, boards, commissions, and all other entities of the government of Carson City, Nevada are held responsible for the information captured from users who browse their web pages.

The Information Services Department (ISD) of Carson City, Nevada will strictly abide by the following set of guidelines. Other entities of the Carson City, Nevada government should develop their own privacy policies using these as a guideline. Those entities who are not able to or choose not to develop their own privacy policy should have a link to the the Carson City Government's Privacy Policy on each of their pages.

A link to the privacy policy is required on each and every page of a web site which an department or other city government entity is capturing statistics, accepting credit cards or other personal information, or incorporates an e-mail or other form where users may submit questions or comments to the department or entity.


The Information Services Department maintains the Carson City, Nevada government web site as a public service. The following is the privacy policy for the State of Nevada web sites:

We do not use cookies to collect information, although we do not prohibit the use of cookies by other entities of the Government of Carson City, Nevada.
Cookies are simple text files stored by your web browser and they provide a method of distinguishing among visitors to the web sites. Cookies created on your computer by using our web sites do not contain personally identifiable information and do not compromise your privacy or security. The cookie feature is used to store a randomly generated identifying tag on your computer. If you have further questions about cookies, the Computer Incident Advisory Capacity Unit that monitors computer problems for the U.S. Department of Energy issued a study on March 12, 1998, of the risks to users of cookies, titled "Information Bulletin 1-034: Internet Cookies". You can refuse the cookie or delete the cookie file from your computer at any time by using any one of a number of widely available methods.

Specific information regarding cookies must be addressed on the pages that use this information.

A cookie file contains unique information a web site can use to track such things as passwords, list of pages you’ve visited, and the date when you last looked at a specific page or to identify your session at a particular web site. A cookie is often used in commercial sites to identify the items selected for a specific shopping cart application.

If you send us an electronic mail message with a question or comment that contains personally identifying information, or fill out a form that e-mails us the information, we will only use the personally-identifiable information to respond to your request and analyze trends. We may redirect your message to another government agency or person who is in a better position to answer your question.

For site management functions, information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information, and will not be released to any outside parties unless legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

We use log analysis tools to create summary statistics, which are used for purposes such as assessing what information is of most interest, determining technical design specifications, and identifying system performance or problem areas. The following information is collected for this analysis:

User Client Hostname – The hostname (or IP address if DNS is disabled) of the user/client requesting access.

HTTP header, "user-agent" – The user-agent information includes the type of browser, its version, and the operating system it’s running on.

HTTP header, "referrer" – The referrer specifies the page from which the client accessed the current page.

System Date – The date and time of the user/client request.

Full Request – The exact request the user/client made.

Status – The status code the server returned to the user/client.

Content Length – The content length, in bytes, of the document sent to the user/client.

Method – The request method used.

Universal Resource Identifier (URI) – The location of a resource on the server.

Query String of the URI – Anything after the question mark in a URI.

Protocol – The transport protocol and version used.

Personal Information:

To protect the information being gathered, this site has security measures in place including firewalls, encryption, and authenticated access to internal databases where needed.

We collect no personal information about you unless you voluntarily participate in an activity that asks for information (i.e. sending an email or participating in a survey). If you choose not to participate in these activities, your choice will in no way effect your ability to use any other feature of the Carson City, Nevada government web site.

If personal information is requested on the web site or volunteered by the user, state law and the federal Privacy Act of 1974 may protect it. However, this information is a public record once you provide it, and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law.

Users are cautioned that the collection of personal information requested from or volunteered by children on-line or by email will be treated the same as information given by an adult, and may be subject to public access.

Unless otherwise prohibited by local, state, or federal law, rule or regulation, the individual is granted the ability to access and correct personally identifiable information whether or not the information inaccuracy was accidental or by created unauthorized access.

Specific Information regarding encryption, credit card information, social security numbers and cookies will be addressed on the pages that use this information.

Retention Information:

The information collected on this site is retained in accordance with the Record Retention Schedules developed by the Carson City Records Manager.

Security Information:

Carson City, Nevada government has taken steps to safeguard the submission of information by implementing detailed technology and security policies, which can be viewed at the Information Services Department web site. Carson City, Nevada government is committed to data security and the data quality of personally identifiable information that is either available from or collected by governmental web sites, and has taken reasonable precautions to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse or alteration. The Information Services Department, as developer and manager of the Carson City, Nevada government web site, has taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of its telecommunications and computing infrastructure, including but not limited to authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day practices of the entire DoIT operating environment as part of its continuing commitment to risk management.

Password Information:

In the event you establish a user name and password in order to access any Carson City, Nevada government online service, at no time will any representative from Carson City, Nevada government ever contact you and ask you for your password. Under no circumstances should you share your user name and password with any person.

You will be provided with access to your user information and the ability to change your password and user name at any time.

Link Disclaimer:

Carson City, Nevada government provides links to other governmental agencies in the state and the federal government. We also provide links to web sites of other organizations in order to provide visitors with certain information. A link does not constitute an endorsement of content, viewpoint, policies, products or services of that web site. Once you link to another web site not maintained by Carson City, Nevada government, you are subject to the terms and conditions of that web site, including but not limited to its privacy policy.

Information Disclaimer:

Information provided on Carson City, Nevada government web sites is intended to allow the public immediate access to public information. While all attempts are made to provide accurate, current and reliable information we recognize the possibility of human and/or mechanical error. Therefore, Carson City, Nevada government, its employees, officers, and entities expressly deny any warranty of the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information published by this system and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance upon the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information. Any person who relies upon such information obtained from this system does so at his or her own risk.

Contact Information:

If you have any question about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, please contact us at:

Carson City Information Services Department
201 North Carson Street, Suite 7
Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: (775)887-2160


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